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tendrilz-deactivated20120615 asked: i saw "heartbeats" (les amoures imaginaires - doesn't that translate to imaginary loves? not heartbeats?) this weekend and the lead female reminded me of you in many ways.

thanks for this message, and reminder that i really, really, really need to write about my thoughts on that film! i was thinking of pitching an article about it to WORN… but then i need to find the freaking time to do it. en plus c’est drôle/it’s funny because one of my best friends, who lives in montreal, who is young and gay, constantly gets compared to xavier dolan (he had the haircut and the glasses before him!) even though he doesn’t really look like him. they’re both just young and gay and stylish and handsome.

and yes, you are totally correct: les amours imaginaires translates to imaginary loves (and is a much more appropriate title for the film than heartbeats).