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So, with all the Susan G. Komen defunding Planned Parenthood garbage going on in current events, I thought I’d throw out the trailer for Pink Ribbons, Inc., a recent documentary focused on the commercialization of breast cancer philanthropy. It screened at TIFF last year & should be entering into theatrical release soon. You can also read Pink Ribbons, Inc.: Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy by Samantha King, which is likely to be more accessibly by virtue of library lending networks.

The consumer driven “activism” connected with raising funds for breast cancer research is a big old pet peeve of mine and my feelings about it have become increasingly hostile since some of the important people in my life have entered into their own struggles with breast cancer. I hate to get too into stuff like this on Tumblr because of my feelings about Tumblr as a platform for these kinds of discussions, but seriously, fuck the people co-opting the experiences of those who have been impacted by breast cancer and are using those peoples’ lives and struggles and, in some cases, deaths to sell pink garbage.

i second all of this. we had the director léa pool on our show last week and if you like radio interviews you should listen to it.

i’m also trying to find an article where a queer personwrites about all the reasons why specifically associating pink with breast cancer awareness sucks (is hetereonormative, stereotypical, etc.) and i like that even in the trailer they raise that the original pink ribbon wasn’t pink = girl, it was salmon coloured… can’t find it though.