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“Not being racist is not some default starting position. You don’t simply get to say you’re not a racist; not being racist — or a sexist or a homophobe — is a constant, arduous process of unlearning, of being uncomfortable, of eating crow and being humbled and re-evaluating. It’s probably hard to start that process if you’ve been told that every thought you have is golden and should be given voice, and that people who are offended by what you say are hypersensitive simpletons.”

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have repeated this countless times - yet it bears repeating again and again and again…

a call to arms


Although it is the last thing we want to do right now I’d like to ask everyone grieving today to do it in public— amongst the straight cis rich white male scum that told Mark she wasn’t fit for the world. I ask you to grieve today unabashedly and honestly with nothing but Fierceness and Intent.

Bois please scream and cry because we are tired of a world where we have to hide the tears we shed because they are not masculine or because “gay people kill themselves all the time” is NOT an ok or accurate justification for this loss (Mark was a fierce genderbending mf’er SHE and THEY are not that hard to grasp)

Queers let your voices be hoarse and  your eyes become beyonce lip stain red from crying tears for our deceased brothers & sisters and all the living freaks, faggots, and trans folk getting fucked with on the street, in the bathrooms, in our classrooms, at our jobs.

Gurls who are tired of transmisogyny and cis white women  or  assimilationist gays being the mouth piece for “trans womyn of color” I beg you to scream the loudest and proudest..be visible today and every day here after

All of us together—-who are tired of being expected to educate people about who our heroes are. tired of invisibility, tired of hating ourselves, tired of the fact that when you are queer and/or brown all towns are sundown towns for you, tired of people not knowing who our lost children are and the brilliance their suicides and murders leave the world without

 if you are tired of needing to unlearn everything society told you hate about yourself I ask you to celebrate, remember, and  create a spectacle in the name of our fallen queen——our sweet bb calloutqueen.