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My heart fucking hurts this week.

sometimes when it feels like the world is falling apart, i put on a gillian welch record real loud and sing along and everything feels a lot better.

learning to play some songs

learning to play some of my favourite songs of 2011, taking some practice videos - would you want to hear any of them?

  1. the way that it goes - gillian welch
  2. video games - lana del rey
  3. in the dark places - pj harvey
  4. back to black - amy winehouse

none of the above is an option as well?

veruca salt et frank black - vincent delerme

il faudra ne pas lui presenter simon.

file under: #songsnottolistentowhenyoumissyourlover

Q And Not U - Kiss Distinctly American (by MsGenericaccountname)

as if it needed reconfirming… but this song is definitely one of my all-time favourites. for a few years there is was my go-to “last song” on mix tapes and mix cds… especially if i had a crush on you.

oh my gooooood listening to it brings back so many awkward memories. when i had a crush on a boy from upstate ny? my goal was to makeout with him to this song (omg 1st american kiss).

soon enough - the constantines

Years from now, they will make water from the reservoirs of our idiot tempers.
Soon enough, work and love will make a man out of you.
Through and through.

Your gentleman father would pray for a daughter, as he walked from room to room saying,

"Women are winning the tournament of hearts. Somebody’s got to lose…"

Soon enough, work and love will make a man out of you.

Through and through.

Soon enough.