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Luscious Jackson Naked Eye

Had a huge “I’m not really a dyke; I just admire her” crush on Gabby (long hair) at the time. And whoever tried to make fetch happen by dolling Kate up in femme drag and making her kiss the irrelevant boy in the vid is a dumbass. #youfoolnobody #forcedhetnonsense

OH MY GOD THIS VIDEO DEFINITELY STIRRED UNCOMFORTABLE GAY FEELINGS IN ME BACK IN THE DAY. don’t tell my sisters that’s why i recorded it onto a VHS casette and rewatched it again and again.

also strange coincidence - this has been in my queue for a few days, and ends up publishing the day adam yauch/MCA passes away. kate schellenbach (who crankyskirt is talking about) was the drummer for the beastie boys in their early years! the beastie boys weren’t just for show when it came to feminism.