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one of those days where i’m feeling gloomy and sad for no particular reason, so i listen to poppy songs to help get me through the day.

that, and chocolate.

adele vs. daft punk - something about the fire (carlos serrano mix)

i’ve listened to this song more times than i can count in the last week. on repeat. all the time.


Robyn & Whitney Houston, “Dancing in Houston (Zooash Glam-Pop Mashup),” 2012. (Via.)

I would have gone with “How Will I Know If I’m Dancing On My Own?” but that’s me.

i have nothing to add except for this: PERFECTION. this may dethrone sprawl of glass for top spot in my favourite mashups.

wye oak - civilian

but i still can’t kiss my own neck

putting together a playlist of all the songs that came out in 2011 that made me cry like a baby. don’t do that. it’s a bad idea.

everything i saw - the weather station

and everything i saw seemed to get so small like from a speeding car, old familiar barns

i can’t seem to figure out whether this album is breaking my heart or making me fall in love. all i know for sure is that i can’t stop listening to it.

sprawl of glass - arcade fire vs. blondie

generally speaking, i’m not a very big fan of mashups, but there are two in particular that steal my heart every time: heart of glass by blondie vs. sprawl II by arcade fire, and get your freak on by missy elliott vs. love will tear us apart by joy division (love will freak us!).

listening to this while dancing in my kitchen alone, feeling like i’m reading to take 26 on like a champ. turning twenty six on the twenty sixth will definitely go down as one of my most memorable, fantastic birthdays. i’m totally spoiled rotten.

veruca salt et frank black - vincent delerme

il faudra ne pas lui presenter simon.

file under: #songsnottolistentowhenyoumissyourlover