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Honored to host, edit, and illustrate this dope essay on Browntourage Mag!

It’s uniquely radical when women of color of all shades and sizes, as well as gender fluid and gender variant people of color take selfies. We are manufacturing our own visibility and share their narratives in the face of erasure and forced silence. How radical is our self-love when we aren’t taught to love yourself? When we aren’t the beauty standard?

-D.K.A.Look At Me: Selfie Culture And Self-Made Visibility


“‘But I never looked like that!’—How do you know? What is the ‘you’ you might or might not look like? Where do you find it—by which morphological or expressive calibration? Where is your authentic body? You are the only one who can never see yourself except as an image; you never see your eyes unless they are dulled by the gaze they rest upon the mirror or the lens (I am interested in seeing my eyes only when they look at you): even and especially for your own body, you are condemned to the repertoire of images.”

– Roland Barthes, Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes  (via starlit-mire)