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can we just make a word for all the poorly-adjusted emotional people in this world who have identified heartily with every album fiona apple has ever written, over time? cuz i feel like this is the most obvious way to feel and i would just be happier if we all admitted it and could embrace some common vernacular

Being a fourteen year old girl is like being forcibly submerged in this cultural narrative about falling in love. It’s a weird time – having no experiential knowledge of this feeling that is so ubiquitously discussed. Falling in love is aimed at young girls like a self-worth destroying weapon. When will it happen to you? What boy will choose you? Do you have the right lip gloss?

I was young then but I was smart. I needed someone who could speak to the terrified & terrifying young lady I knew I would be. It wasn’t the clothes or the dates that would be dangerous. That part I understood. It wasn’t love that was dangerous – it was me.

– iris’ super thoughtful album review/love letter to fiona apple. read the whole thing: Doing Femme: Fiona Apple

fiona apple - anything we want

i’ve listened to that song eight times just today

and i tear up every time at the line:

We started out sippin’ the water
And now we try to swallow the wave
And we try not to let those bastards get us down

mostly because it reminds me of that frida kahlo quote:

I drank to drown my sorrows, but the damned things learned how to swim.

I told the stripper at the bar that the shots we got were magic,
“Make a wish and they’ll come true”

As she smiled her golden tooth glinted in the light,
and I wonder what she wished for.

I just wished for you.

the first time i heard this song was in february. it still almost brings me to tears when i hear it nearly a year later. definitely in my top ten favourite songs of 2011.

“Ten decisions shape your life
You’ll be aware of five about”

The Strokes, I’ll Try Anything Once (via hiddenballroom)

i remember the first time i “heard” this lyrics

you know, when you sing along and you don’t even notice, and then BAM you’re like “shit damn.”