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Dalila Awada proved herself under pressure yesterday on Tout le monde en parle. As divisive as the debate over the proposed charter of Quebec  values has been, I am glad it has introduced a much broader audience to articulate, passionate young women like Dalila and Humera Jabir, among others, who are speaking for themselves. Follow her on Twitter.

“The hijab has also become a tool in the hands of one-track feminists who, ignoring the intersection of gender, race, and religion, have turned its prohibition into a cause célèbre for gender equity. Equality is an excellent ideal to strive for but politicizing the hijab in this way does not create a more equal society, just a more equal-looking one in the eyes of Charter supporters. Making men and women equal on the surface does nothing to address actual differences in power. Those seeking to truly empower women should do everything possible to open the doors to education and employment rather than create new barriers to social and economic independence.”

Maisonneuve | The Hijab is Not a Political Tool by Humera Jabir (September 24, 2013)

One of the most powerful articles I have read stirred by the proposed charter of Quebec Values. Highly recommended reading.