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Jae Steele Vegan Cookbook gifts


i know we don’t normally post these sorts of things at food i want to eat, but this is too good of a deal not to share with our readers:

From now until December 31, I will be thanking you for picking up a copy of one of my books (Get It Ripe or Ripe from Around Here) and spreading the ripe word by sending you an e-zine of some of my new work, much of it never before released. Included will be: new recipes (soups! veggies! sauces! cookies! cakes! dog crackers!), gluten-free versions of previously published recipes, gift ideas, party ideas, crafts, and other winter writing. Trust me, there’ll be some fun stuff in there!

PLUS: If you buy more than 1 book (either one of each, or more than one of the same) you will be entered in a draw for a Get It Ripe apron. The perfect get-up for all your holiday kitchen raging.


  • Send me an email at getitripeATgmailDOTcom with “gift me please!” in the subject line.
  • Attach some version (a photo, a scan, whatev) of a receipt that shows you bought a copy of Get It Ripe or Ripe from Around Here between December 1 and December 21 2011. You can buy it from anywhere as long as it’s new (not second hand).
  • All submitters will receive their gift by or before December 21 (provided they email before that time). But, if I think there’s something sketchy about your submission, I reserve the right to not gift you (not that I anticipate this happening, at all).
  • Draw for the apron will also take place on December 21 at 10am.

i’m a huge fan of these books, and i think they’re great if you’re new to veganism or want to be re-inspired in your kitchen. i’ll definitely be entering the draw.

yeah these books totally changed the way i cook and eat. it’s a great deal for an awesome book.