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Come Worry with Us! OFFICIAL TRAILER

Just saw this tonight, so good. Beautiful portrait of a new family, peppered with insightful challenges about the fucked up ways the world works. Powerful commentary from “rock moms” and how older women are pushed out of music scenes, the guilt and shame associated with wanting to be a creative person and a mother.

Also you should visit the website for the doc, http://comeworrywithus.ca/

It is beautiful.

status quo? the unfinished business of feminsm in canada »


watch this documentary for free from now until march 10th only! also, nfb has an entire page dedicated to canadian women in film including free films and essays.

“Feminism has shaped the society we live in. But just how far has it brought us, and how relevant is it today? This feature documentary zeroes in on key concerns such as violence against women, access to abortion, and universal childcare, asking how much progress we have truly made on these issues. Rich with archival material and startling contemporary stories, Status Quo? uncovers answers that are provocative and at times shocking.

i’m screening this in my living room tomorrow - if you’re in quebec city, be there.



OH MY GOD, Y’ALL, THE DOCUMENTARY IS FINALLY UP!  This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Special thanks: to my lovely stars, Jessica and Keena—I love you both for life; to Hannah and Ivana, the best co-producers a girl could ask for; to Re/Dress NYC and Taueret for being fucking kick-ass; to Substantia Jones and The Adipositivity Project for being one of the most inspiring examples of fat-visibility-as-activism; and to my entire documentary film-making class and all the friends who helped along the way.  I LOVE YOU ALL. <3

If you have any questions or comments, please email me.


shameless self-promotion: just wrote a quick post about this great documentary up at my blog.

"Throughout its history Hollywood has made about 4,000 movies of Native Americans, largely westerns, but in most of them Native Americans were portrayed with a bunch of cliches. Isinamowin - The Whiteman’s Indian takes a closer look at the silver screen and other Native American stereotypes.”