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Patch/Print Giveaway!

So yeah, I’m going to try one of these contest things. The winner will get to choose whatever five patches they want and a nuts and seeds poster. To enter you need to reblog this post (as many times as you want) and I’ll use a random number generator to select the winner. I’ll announce who wins April 5th on my blog and contact you directly. 

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Thanks! <3

Ahhhhh!! Want all of them!!

yeah i love all of this.

Jae Steele Vegan Cookbook gifts


i know we don’t normally post these sorts of things at food i want to eat, but this is too good of a deal not to share with our readers:

From now until December 31, I will be thanking you for picking up a copy of one of my books (Get It Ripe or Ripe from Around Here) and spreading the ripe word by sending you an e-zine of some of my new work, much of it never before released. Included will be: new recipes (soups! veggies! sauces! cookies! cakes! dog crackers!), gluten-free versions of previously published recipes, gift ideas, party ideas, crafts, and other winter writing. Trust me, there’ll be some fun stuff in there!

PLUS: If you buy more than 1 book (either one of each, or more than one of the same) you will be entered in a draw for a Get It Ripe apron. The perfect get-up for all your holiday kitchen raging.


  • Send me an email at getitripeATgmailDOTcom with “gift me please!” in the subject line.
  • Attach some version (a photo, a scan, whatev) of a receipt that shows you bought a copy of Get It Ripe or Ripe from Around Here between December 1 and December 21 2011. You can buy it from anywhere as long as it’s new (not second hand).
  • All submitters will receive their gift by or before December 21 (provided they email before that time). But, if I think there’s something sketchy about your submission, I reserve the right to not gift you (not that I anticipate this happening, at all).
  • Draw for the apron will also take place on December 21 at 10am.

i’m a huge fan of these books, and i think they’re great if you’re new to veganism or want to be re-inspired in your kitchen. i’ll definitely be entering the draw.

yeah these books totally changed the way i cook and eat. it’s a great deal for an awesome book.

last chance to enter my reader survey contest! »

 a purple box that reads - kindly fill out this survey for your chance to win!

last chance to fill out my reader survey. tons more people have filled it out than have commented, but it’s anonymous, so if you don’t comment here you can’t be entered into the draw.

the prize will be a random draw, and you will be contacted to get your choice of:

  1. a mailed package of a typewritten letter from me to you along with a handmade mix CD
  2. a skype drink date with me to talk about whatever you want for a half an hour
  3. or – you get to pick what topic i write about next at à l’allure garçonnière

i really appreciate the feedback!