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LAST I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS - TW for discussions of racism

… i really wonder how effective it is to reblog these photoshoot photos with commentary, whether it be productive, polite, or expressing rage. the more i see them, and the more i read the responses to criticisms, the more pissed off and upset i get. right now, i am just seeing hateful diatribe being spouted by whoever is behind PORK’s twitter feed (not linking it because it is fucked up and was really triggering for me). oh, and if that’s not enough, as a response to criticisms, sean aaberg is posting (once again not linking to any of this bullshit because it is gross) RACIST AS FUCK cartoons from the 30s and 40s to defend a questionable (to put it lightly) photoshoot made and published in 2011? real bright. ah, must be nice to be a smug, privileged white person who can be nostalgic for an era where racism was just so much more acceptable! and anyone who criticizes it is just oversensitive and taken one too many “racial studies classes,” according to this douchebag.

SO! in short, i find this shit really enraging and fucked up and am disengaging from it. please don’t send me messages or emails about it anymore, i’m just going to step away for my own self-care at this point. i sent them an email to get everything i needed off my chest before noticing this little gem: the white guy from Oakland who is posting some of the most racist/ableist/just straight up rude shit on pork’s website? he calls himself a god damn “shape shifting trickster” in his bio. what a crock of shit!
this is the last you’ll read about this fuckery on my tumblr. what could have been settled with a simple genuine apology has turned into a sad, pathetic mess. this has just gotten to another level of fucked-up ness.