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“MIA Caps Unprecedented Rocket Ship Ride To Top Of Billboard Hot 100 Haters Chart”

M.I.A Takes On Google, Gaga, and Lynn Hirschberg

comment i completely agree with posted in response to this article at jezebel.

am i totally missing something? everyone at jezebel is totally hating on m.i.a and i can’t really wrap my head around why.

a sampling of these comments:

you aren’t really selling me on this whole rebel thing
I find her completely unbearable in every way imaginable. She’s full of shit and she tries to sell it to us as fertilizer.
when she makes statements about the US, or war, or the CIA all I can think is, “wow, you sound exactly like a 19 year old that just took their first women’s studies/sociology/political science class.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I was once a 19 year old women’s studies student, too. But the woman is 34. 
  I don’t get the big deal about M.I.A., her music is terrible (please don’t convince me otherwise cause ‘Kala’ was just recorded noise) and her ‘eccentric rebel’ act has me yawning.

am i reading the same article? are we listening to the same songs by the same artist? this awesome, radical artist who has been been making art and music for the better part of the past decade, with songs like pull up the people, who speaks her mind about oppression all over the world, who can spit rhymes better than most of the male-dominated industry without breaking a sweat?

fuck man. female musicians/artists can’t win. hate on everyone, whether they be critical, uncritical, mainstream, underground, young, old, white, brown. just because they have a fucking vagina we are encouraged and allowed to criticize everything about them. their bodies, their clothing, their choices, their lovers, their drugs, and last but not least, of course, their art. a woman raises any criticism of the way the (sexist, capitalist, racist) music industry works and they are accused of biting the hand that feeds or shooting themselves in the foot.

the same fucking commentors on the same day complain about pop stars who hypersexualize themselves (rihanna) then go railing against this badass woman who has made it a point to always put her music and her art first, not her ass. the same people who complain about female artists who are puppets and only say what they are told to say freak out when a female artists says whatever the fuck she wants to.