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problematic parts of twin peaks


now, this is my first time watching twin peaks. i’m overall in love with the show but i need to vent about some things that really fucking bug me.

1. hawk. he is a first nations person, so that means he obviously has to be the amazing scout of the police department with a great understanding of spirituality and is wiser than the white man. yikes. david lynch, could you keep your racist stereotypes out of twin peaks (mr tojamura is a nightmare as well (“shank you” really????)).

2. gordon cole’s hearing problem. he talks loudly and never understands what other people are saying. it’s supposed to be funny. people’s bodies and how they function in a world hostile to their bodies is never hilarious. 

when i first watched the show five years ago, i was wondering if there was anything out there written about hawk’s portrayal specifically, but you hit the nail on the head with the other questions you bring up. also, been thinking lots about how so many awesome, cool, critical feminist people are super into twin peaks these days. why now?  don’t have time to flesh out my ideas, but i’d like to find the time to do that soon…