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“….some Canadian feminists opposed to faith-based arbitration articulated a fervent belief in secularism and a commitment to the position that multiculturalism was bad for women. For instance, they spoke glowingly of the French context, where the hijab, or headscarf, was recently banned in schools. Secularism in France was represented as historical progress, the triumph of universalism over class and religious conflict.”

- Sherene Razack, pg. 155, Racism in the name of Feminism: “Imperiled” Muslim Women in Casting out: the eviction of Muslims from western law and politics

i’m trying to find a way to talk about how fucked up what is going on in france is, without it being overshadowed by my fears that the same fucked up shit will go down in my province sooner rather than later. i’m still surprised how few people outside of canada know about/are outraged about bill 94.

this is not my feminism, this ignorant fuckery. like bowfolk says, we need to cut out the unnecessary bullshit from the movement. racism is a feminist issue. policing (literally and figuratively) what women wear is a feminist issue, whether it be about the length of their skirts or the cut of their headscarf. i’m glad to have come across a few theorists, like sherene razack, who speak to the same kind of social justice movement i want to be a part of, but i hate that i feel at a loss since i’m outside of the academy and don’t really have a radical community where i live to offer me resources.

books, blogs, any recommendations to read about this and deconstruct it are very welcome.