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feminist fashion frustration of the day

am i the only one who finds it frustrating to consistently see young women’s fashion blogs - who proudly center the content around being “feminist” - yet continue to be completely uncritical when it comes to consumer ethics and/or sponsored content? like, literally hundreds of outfit photos over the years but absolutely zero content about questions around how their clothing is made, why they like what they like, why they buy what they buy…

how is it not absolutely key to any claims of being a critical thinking feminist to think/ask about what conditions the people making your 25$ knockoff sweater sold (most likely illegally) online were in? when there are still deadly fires in factories in dhaka, bangladesh, kill over a hundred people and injure countless more all in the hopes of making cheap fashion as quickly as possible for western-based brands. how is this not a major concern for anyone who considers themselves a fashion-loving feminist?  80% of the workers in the garment industry in that country are women! how are we not asking questions about the impact fast fashion has? insightful conversations about access/fast fashion/class notwithstanding…

is it because they are not asking those questions, or they are too intimidated to look beneath the surface? it is privilege?


do fashion blogs foster judgement/jealousy because you can easily find out how much someone spends on their appearance, while also being able to hear them complain about being broke?

if online fashion communities once thrived on livejournal, where discussions and comments were central (woah in the pre-facebook “like” days) what does it mean to have that now exist somewhat on tumblr? is having over a thousand notes on your tumblr fashion friendly outfit worth the same as having 50 comments on one of your thrift_whore or newestwrinke posts?

how much of our outfit photos are truly for ourselves, how much is contrived for an audience? i’m not talking about the actual outfit here - i’m talking about the act of taking the time to take a full-length outfit photo and choose to share it publicly online.

am i becoming the crotchety-ass old woman i always knew i would become?