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am i the only one…

who can’t stand the man repeller? i “get” that it’s (purportedly) tongue-in-cheek but haven’t we all had enough of this boring heteronormative notion that women only dress for men, and that men just prefer women to dress boring or be naked? it doesn’t even piss me off anymore, i just get BORED when people make these stupid gender binary “straight men know nothing about fashion, women will wear anything designers tell them to” diatribes. maybe i just don’t get the humour, coming from a conventionally beautiful/straight-sized young woman who has worked in the fashion industry for years. her blog hasn’t even been around for a year, yet she’s just been popping up everywhere and i still. don’t. get it.

pilgrim chic. big bird. for real? my mother’s fashion commentary is more hilarious, and she has never read an issue of vogue or worn haute couture. i really feel like anyone can just make fun of fashion; it’s part of the fun of being a fashion fan is you are permitted this absurd rudeness and expected to be personally! offended! by bad choices on the part of designers and fashion consumers, i.e. oh my god jeggings hurt my eyes! it’s been done. it is done by so many people all of the time. it’s not groundbreaking, it’s not new, it’s generally just mean-spirited and boring. am i just missing something re: the man repeller’s take on it? is it over my head? anyway. getting off track.

i just feel like there are so many more interesting in depth blogs that are deserving of attention and applause and readers… i guess generally speaking i just don’t understand “fashion blog” culture (whatever that has become) and what makes one a Successful Blogger. i mean, i’ve had companies and brands email me asking me to hock their shit to readers… but for peanuts, you know? (if i’m gonna sell out, i’m gonna sell out for something, right?) so i’ve never taken the bait. i just wonder how and who gets to the point where you get free designer shit and invited to runway shows and featured on the huffington post. make pedophile jokes? toe the boring capitalist line? be completely uncritical? i don’t think it’s jealousy, i think it’s more bewilderment. i’ll stick with my love of jenny z, meggy wang, j. bee, mimi thi nguyen, minh-ha t. pham, and tove hermanson.