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realizing i haven’t had much fun on halloween since none of my friends particularly care for it where i live now. i often have to pester people to dress up, and i forget that “grown ups” aren’t supposed to really give a shit about halloween. the last time i had much fun was (when i was sick!) and went as the twins from the shining with annemarie.

the time i went as rachel the replicant from bladerunner i was so grumpy because no one really got it (you’re from the 1940s? you’re a secretary?) but then i realized that happened countless times before…

but it got me thinking how i’ve never been good at dressing to please - in costume or in my daily life. and it never really gives me much satisfaction anyway. like damn i know i looked good when i dressed as a pop art lichtenstein (drowning girl) in 2009, doesn’t matter that like only three people appreciated it. and damn,

all of this to say! my dream halloween costume party for me would be either:

  1. dress as your favourite performance artist (ideas i would do: one of the many incarnations of orlan, valie export, marina abramovic, yayoi kusama, joseph beuys, etc) even though it might end up being incredibly pretentious i think with the right people it would be so much fucking fun
  2. dress as your favourite movie character (who creeps you out)

also absurd idea i have for my 29th or 30th birthday - goodbye to the twenties, where i ask everyone to dress up as silent film stars.