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why i hate vice magazine

lots of people asked, so here you go:

the first time i came across vice magazine, i was a young naive teenager from small-town ontario who was awestruck by the big city lights. i was tickled pink that it was a free! magazine! distributed at hip edgy stores in toronto, and took a copy home with me. i read it cover to cover. i liked a lot of it, but was struck by some of the blatantly obviously offensive statements… were they joking? did i just not get it? or, is the publication offensive for the sake of being offensive?

a brief rundown:

  • vice are some of the biggest purveyors of “hipster racism,” dismissing any complaints that they are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or just generally shitbags by saying “we don’t really mean it, we’re just trying to push your buttons! we’re making fun of racists by pretending to be racist!” ah, the wonderful non-apology apology, or the “we’re sorry you’re offended” apology. how i loathe thee.
  • their fashion “do’s and don’ts" uses photos without people’s consent and is mean-spirited at best, hateful and inciting violence at worst. i could go through them to link examples but i’d rather eat glass.
  • the editors mask their vitriol, xenophobia, and hatred in “irony” but don’t do a very good job at it. cofounder Gavin McInnes wrote a piece in The American Conservative entitled “Hip to Be Square: It’s getting cooler to be conservative.” way to show your true colours… or wait… are you being ironic? (who gives a fuck you’re a douche)
  • they’ve often hired known creeps and abusers like that wonderful mr. richardson you all know i love so much.
  • and more recently, remember how when protests were happening in london in 2011? and there was rampant police brutality? and they provided some real hard-hitting journalism with this wonderful photoshoot?

the handful of interesting, well-written journalism i’ve seen with the vice logo plastered on the top can’t make up for the fact that by and large, their content is steeped in racist, sexist, homophobic garbage.

call me a humourless feminist, call me nitpicky, but fuck it. i don’t care. if a publication’s m.o. is to piss people off and be uncritical, doused in hipster irony, it doesn’t make one or two good articles or photoshoots stand out to me. maybe that’s a hardline to take but it’s how i roll. i almost feel like i’m feeding into their bullshit by even mapping out to people why i have no respect for their publication. but then again i’m not their intended audience. it’s a circle jerk of douchery that i don’t want to touch with a ten foot pole.

no thanks.