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I am friends with one of the people involved in the project, and how I feel about the project doesn’t negate my feelings of friendship towards this person… But I really cannot believe the responses I’ve seen from PORK magazine over negative press they are receiving over their racist aesthetic choices.
I get what they’re doing, I really do. I’ve known people involved in similar subcultures who exist just far enough outside of the social justice sphere that they truly are ignorant to how shitty what they’re doing is. But intent and ignorance are not a viable defense. I mean it’s bad enough to see someone ignorantly style someone in Native American garb or choose nazi symbolism to use “ironically”, but to be like “okay, I hear your complaints but I’m not going to stop doing that because it’s funny to me”. I dunno it’s just disturbingly, shockingly callous. 

I tried not to say anything about this for awhile, but really? …REALLY?. I get that you’re trying to be scary/bad/rebellious or whatever, but if that’s how you’re using your “right to free speech and right to be offensive”… Well, you can do better. The attitudes you’re flaunting with your choices are really not too much different than the mainstream/right-wing America you seem to be rebelling against.

I would much rather take delight in offending the appropriate people by my views on sex or ugliness or abortion or (real talk) men/patriarchy/whatever. You’re offending the people who are oppressed by the dominant group you claim to differentiate yourself from. DOES NOT COMPUTE.

And it’s just insulting to those of us who are bonafide, dyed in the wool art weirdos without being total dickheads about it. The two don’t go hand-in-hand.

Grow up, and quit pouting because someone’s trying to take your favourite toy away. There are lots of other fun weird scary toys out there that don’t contribute to a world where white people systemically and routinely intimidate and make POC uncomfortable and anxious.

ETA: HEY you know what else is really amazing? That thing you do when you’re an artist and you finally grow to the point where you can accept and USE criticism. Someone might say “hey this isn’t really working/effective, and this is actually kind of incredibly cruel and hurtful to large groups of people”… And INSTEAD of steadfastly and bitterly defending your artistic/aesthetic choice, you take what they are saying into account and adjust your work accordingly. Because you know what? your work becomes better for it. It really does. An artist who can’t tactfully receive and use criticism is a fucking juvenile baby.

i’m really glad someone wrote this out and i love this angry rant. i personally wrote pork off completely after the july bullshit and an email conversation (if you could even call it that) with sean aaberg. i always resist talking about this because he clearly gets off on being seen as “rebellious,” if that’s what you can even call his licencious excuse for “wierdo art.”

where i’m still disappointed in 2012? the amount of people who i thought were super cool dudes who still support this magazine? thanks for letting me know that I’M DONE.

yeah, amelia butter and pussybow etc etc etc. have great style, are gorgeous, and often post interesting shit, but i’d rather support stylish badasses who don’t happen to be associating themselves with this level of ignorance, or you know, even sarcastically associate themselves with people who actually believe “offending people is part of being american,” and if you express that you are offended by their racist crap that you are “a clucking uptight square.”

sign me up mein fuhrer? for real?

why am i even writing about this. sometimes i forget that the internet is exactly like a fucking playground. the difference? i put up with bullies and assholes then, but i refuse to now.

you’re totally fucking right if you’re going to reblog this/reply to this and say “wah wah aren’t there more important things to be confronting and talking about” fuck yes this is some really insignificant stupid shit right here involving mostly total jackasses, but that doesn’t mean i can’t take ten minutes to vent about it and let people know if they support pork magazine they’re supporting douchebags who use the petty excuse “if you don’t like it then suck it.”