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Tumblr… seems like a place where you can show off what a radical manic pixie dream human spirit creative such & such you are by showing off stuff you like, not stuff you made. Not your owns words, your own art. And that makes me uncomfortable.

…I write the stories I wish had already been written, I write the stories I wish I found when I was a teenager so maybe I could have struggled a little less, or maybe I could have had someone to relate to, or maybe I wouldn’t have made such a mess, or maybe I’d be able to clean up that mess faster. And when I write, I want it to be read, but more than that, I want you to write (or make whatever kind of art it is you like to make or want to make or talk about making but never get around to). I don’t want to see my fliers posted a thousand times on the internet; I want you to be inspired to MAKE YOUR OWN STUFF. Write your own stories, make your own fliers, use your own words, illustrate your own pictures. Don’t show me something you like, show me something you made.

Maranda Elizabeth - Make your own stuff.

a great article maranda wrote in response to yet another piece of their writing circulating uncredit on tumblr with thousands of notes. a nice reminder of the importance of credit and basic tumblr etiquette.