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Playing in the White Privilege Toy Box


Soy Dulce de Leche: White privilege isn’t like a knapsack … it is like a toy box

Brilliant re visioning of peggy mccintosh’s “Unpacking the White Privilege Knapsack" that explains the stakes of giving up privilege in a capitalist society that teaches us greed- that hoarding wealth, knowledge, resources is the only way to remain powerful. I am such a junk hoarder and have so much work to do confronting and questioning my prejudices, and learning to be an ally/comrade, that thinking of privilege as a toy box hits so close to home!



And White people will scream and cry and throw a tantrum if you so much as threaten to take away one of their toys.

Racist and otherwise offensive Halloween costumes are one of the many toys that White people are used to playing with. It doesn’t matter to them that they have plenty of other toys to play with.

When their playtime with these costumes comes under threat - even rhetorically - they suddenly become the only important toy in the toy box.

Of course, to White people, every toy in the White privilege toy box is important if attention is draw to it. But in that moment of feeling under threat, the only thing that is salient is the toy that might be taken away.

OH MY GOODNESS this is so much more appropriate for the internet age! it’s EXACTLY this with halloween costume discussions:

critical poc/allies: don’t wear racist costumes, it’s a shitty move. plus there are a dozens of other better (not racial stereotyped…) costumes you could wear instead.

white w(h)iner: but i wanted to wear THAAAAAT ONEEEEEEE! you’re racist for seeing race and believing in stereotypes! waaaaaaaah! (for examples, see comments here, here, here.)

critical poc/allies: the word gypsy is a racial slur, please don’t use it to describe your outfit or fashion blog or because you moved a few times in your life.

white w(h)iner: but i wanted it to be part of my bohemian hippie fantasssssssssies i didn’t mean it in the bad way waaaaah you’re a big meaaaaanie!