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Can I just say


It’s actually pretty offensive when people on tumblr/the blogosphere in general are obsessed with being all ~*~witchy~*~ and dressing “witchy” and stuff like that.  Didn’t it ever occur to you that there are, um, actual people who still practice witchcraft?  And that, um, people have been burned at the stake for being (accused of being) witches?

Witches aren’t just in some ~*~exotic~*~ far away place either.  You’ve probably met people who are Wiccans.  Can we just cut out the fashion trend?  If you want to look like a goth, just say you want to look like a goth.

i’ve been wondering about this myself… the difference between goth vs. witches, witches as ~*~fashion inspiration~*~, and people who actually practice witchcraft/wicca as a religion/faith… now that it’s around halloween it’s even more present. it’s one thing to appreciate alison scarpulla and francesca woodman photographs, but it’s another to tag anything witch themed/black lipstick/black cats as “witchy vibes" simply as disposable aesthetics without really knowing anything about witchcraft or Wiccans. i don’t know much about wicca myself and would be really curious to know what people think about this.

one aspect i’d be curious to look into is the parallel of feminists to witches, because it seems like a lot of riot grrl inspired/young feminists who grew up watching the craft are into this idea. perhaps some people want to look witchy to kind of fuck with that negative stereotype and reclaim it? not sure.

...that said, i just read the nudist nuns of goat island not to mention the fact that religion and i in general haven’t gotten along in… decades.