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“To employ “both sides” rhetoric completely misrepresents the situation. It is not “both sides” who take thousands of political prisoners. Both sides do not systematically torture each other. Both sides do not control each other’s freedom of movement, or access to the sea, drinking water, and education.”

A Plague on One House by Greg Shupak (July 17, 2014)


Do-Ho Suh, Paratrooper

(The threads are attached to a cloth of embroidered signatures of soldiers who died in war)


Ever since he was a small child with a serious illness, Ted Meyer has mixed art and medical images as a way to understand his experiences. Through his art he highlights the emotional impact of pain and healing on everyday people—patients, families, and medical personnel.

When medical treatments improved his own situation as an adult, Ted began to work with other survivors of traumatic health issues. “Scarred for Life” is a multi-faceted project that includes printing on paper from the subject’s body, interviewing the participants about their experiences, and photographing the process.

 from the Scarred For Life Fact Sheet

You can view the rest of the pieces from this gallery here, at Ted Meyer’s website.

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