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Diary Films - Jeff Keen - 1972-1976

Stolen Moments 1971-1972 (top left) / Lone Star 1974-1975 (top right) / Godzilla - Last of the Creatures 1975-1976 (bottom left) / Rosa Canina 1970s (bottom right)

Projected in various combinations, though usually as four screens with Rosa Canina always bottom right.

“The pictures shimmer and vanish, except when they don’t, because sometimes, when you close your eyes, a picture lingers, unwanted and unerasable, coating the insides of your eyelids the way a daguerreotype’s mercury fumes coat a plate of silver with a sitter’s wraith.”

Watching the Killing by Jill Lepore (Sept 4, 2014)

“The self-portrait in the Western avant-garde tradition is a celebration of unlikability, the unorthodox, the unhinged, the unusual (the list of “un”s could go on). It’s in this spirit that the artists in Self-Timer Stories are working. And that strategy contradicts with the function of the online selfie, which is there to get and keep followers, to accumulate likes, and to show the world how likable you are. This show confirms that unlikable can be fascinating, and that what visual culture often deems agreeable in a woman can be problematic.”

Before Selfies, There Were Self-Timers by Daniel Larkin (September 4, 2014)

Really into writers/work that makes clear distinctions between selfies vs self-portraits, the similarities but the important differences between the two. Effort/lessness. Timers. Trinkets. The idea that once only the person developing the film would see it and whoever the person who took it would decided to share it with. Now the instantaneousness, the broadcasting, the vulnerability has shifted. 

Speaking of making: I made this with Simon back in April and never shared it. I think I’ll write about it some day, but Nathanael’s words have been on my mind again lately.

“Art not as investment but as divestment — pulling off the vestments, stripping down. No hieratic garb, no fungible currency: we get to make what we make because we cut it out of the clothes we were wearing when we wept.”

Shake Forth a Nest: Feminist Ekphrasis and the Example of Louise Bourgeois by B. K. Fischer (August 9, 2014)

I have to re-read this because I’m not sure I understand it yet but I can’t get over these ideas/this phrase. 

We get to make what we make because we cut it out of the clothes we were wearing when we wept.

I’ve read it out loud a dozen times. I fucking love it.

TNI Syllabus: Gaming and Feminism



Context and Reactions: The Last Couple Weeks

•Liz Ryerson- On Right-Wing Videogame Extremism

•Leigh Alexander – ‘Gamers’ Don’t Have to Be Your Audience. ‘Gamers’ Are Over

The Work Most Recently Under Attack

•Andrew Todd – Videogames, Misogyny and Terrorism: A Guide to Assholes

•Mattie Brice – Moving On

•Samantha Allen – Will the Internet Ever be Safe for Women?

•Kris Ligman – This Week in Videogame Blogging: August 31st (a good overview of much of the coverage)

•Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games: Women as Background Decoration: Part 2.  TRIGGER WARNING: some very upsetting in-game footage of violence against women. This video is the most recent in Feminist Frequency‘s incredible crowdfunded video series Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games (more here here here here and here), which through video essays centered around game footage reveal the most insidious patriarchal and violent misogynist tropes in video games. Host and writer Anita Sarkeesian has beenparticularly targeted by misogynist threats.

•Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest: An interactive, educational story game about depression and the often very difficult and personal methods required to overcome it. The game is available for free on Steam–it’s pay what you will–but if you can afford it, consider buying the beautiful game to support Quinn, who has faced near constant harassment since the game’s release.

Reviews/Essays/Work on a Single Game

•Lana Polanksy: Jupiter is a Failed Star Because it Didn’t Want it Hard Enough (Kim Kardashian: Hollywood)

•Mike Thomsen: Fuck Forever and Never Die (Skyrim)

•Patricia Hernandez: Gaming Made Me: Fallout 2 (Fallout 2)

•Liz Ryerson: The Monster Within (Hotline Miami)

•Aevee Bee: How Flat is the World (GrimGrimoire)

•Zoya Street and Samantha Allen: Bunk Bed #1: Everlove(Everlove)

•Naomi Clark: Not Gonna Happen (Gone Home); A Hasty Review: Howling Dogs (Howling Dogs–written in response to a gamer claiming it couldn’t be reviewed because games by women aren’t “real games”)

•Angela Washko: Playing a Girl (video essay/performance art/intervention performed within World of Warcraft)

Patriarchy, Misogyny and Violence Against Women in Video Games

•Leigh Alexander: A Game is Being Beaten

•Sarah Wanencheck: “The Consumption Palace”: Gamers, Misogyny and Capitalism

•Kim Moss: You Know What’s Gross? We Often Play Nice Guys™ In Games With Romance Options

• Patricia Hernandez: Three Words I Said to the Man I Defeated in Gears of War that I’ll Never Say Again

•Maddy Myers: Bad Dad vs. Hyper Mode: The Father-Daughter Bond in Video Games

•Cara Ellison: Games, Noir and the 17%: Where are the Women?

•Quinnae Moongazer: I’m Being So Sincere Right Now: Gaming as Hyperreality

•Ben Kuchera: Its time to leave the brothels and strip clubs behind when real victims fuel your narrative

•Feminist Frequency: Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

•Jenn Frank: On Consuming Media Responsibly

•Mary Flanagan: Violent Video Games Reveal the Dark Side of Play


Gender Play: Queer, Trans and Feminist Spaces in Gaming

•Kaitlin Tremblay: The Buxom and the Beasts; or, Why I need Monsters as a Feminist;  Intro to Gender Criticism For Gamers: From Princess Peach, to Claire Redfield, to Femsheps.

•Liz Ryerson: The Abstract and the Feminine

•Samantha Allen: TransMovement: Freedom and Constraint in Queer and Open World Games;  Between Pleasure and Reality: Theorizing Video Games as Transitional Objects

•Lana Polanksy: Pushing Buttons

•Mariam Naziripour: The Awfulness and the Importance of the Dress-Up Game


Redefining “Game”, Text, Twine and New Ways of Constructing Narrative

•Merritt Koppas: Trans Women and the New Hypertext

•Porpentine: Creation Under Capitalism and the Twine RevolutionParasite

•Emily Short: Reading and Hypothesis

•Line Hollis: Game Change: Minigames and Narrative Arcs

•Mattie Brice: Death of the Player

•Celia Pearce & Friends: Experimental Game Design


Straight White Males: Video Game Media and Gaming Culture

•Maddy Myers: Gaming, rape culture, and how I stopped reading Penny Arcade;  A Challenger Appears: One woman’s battle against the anxious masculinity of the fighting-game scene

•Jonathan McIntosh: Playing with privilege: the invisible benefits of gaming while male

•Samantha Allen: An Open Letter to Games Media; Community or Island Nations

•Mattie Brice: Why I Don’t Feel Welcome At Kotaku

•Arthur Chu: Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement and Nerds

•Celia Pearce, Janine Fron, Tracy Fullerton, Jacquelyn Ford Morie: The Hegemony of Play


Games 4 U 2 Play

SABBAT: Director’s Kvt by Oh No Problems

Bubblegum Slaughter and Consensual Torture Simulator byMerritt Kopas

Crypt Worlds: Your Darkest Desire Come True

Sacrilege by Cara Ellison

Love is Zero by Porpentine

Hate Plus by Christine Love

Mainichi by Mattie Brice

Dys4ia by Anna Anthrophy

Depression Quest by Zoe Quinn


FURTHER READING: Blogs, Sites, Projects and Zines to follow

• Cara Ellison’s S.EXE on Sex in Videogames

• Mammon Machine: ZEAL curated by Aevee Bee on weird, small and exemplary games

• Memory Insufficient: A games history E-Zine by Zoya Street

• The Arcade Review: A magazine about experimental/art games

• The Borderhouse: A blog for feminist, queer, disabled, people of color, poor, transgender, gay, lesbian or otherwise marginalized gamers and their allies

• Critical Distance: A site curating great video game writing from across the web: a safer space, reader-supported, upping voices outside the mainstream

• Forest Ambassador: Curates small games, with write-ups.

A big big thanks to TNI contributor Ben Gabriel (@Benladen) without whom this list would only be a shell of its current self. Thank yous also to Lauren Naturale (@lnaturale), Twitter users FKA Stamens (@33mhz) and Kamin Katze (@_kaminkatze), everyone who spread the call for submissions, and anyone who contributes more to the syllabus in the future!

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